Surin Beach, well now we are talking class beaches. If lazing on pure white soft sand, watching big waves break into small waves just off the edge of the beach is your thing. If you like drinking coconut milk from a freshly cut coconut, and not having move an inch all day and having everything brought to you on a plate, is your idea of the perfect day on the beach, then oh my, is Surin Beach for you. And it always reminds me a little of Nai Harn Beach

Surin Beach
Surin Beach

Just around the corner and down a small hill from Laem Sing beach, you arrive into a large parking area. You will find lots of venders selling freshly caught barbecue Seafood, Chicken and Pork. A real treat is the ice cold pineapple and other assorted fruits on offer all reasonable priced the water melon is a wonderfully refreshing treat.

Surin Beach is not as long as Kamala Beach but can be quite busy, especially more so in the high season, when the breaking waves are not so wild. It is another very popular beach for surfers many expat live around Surin Beach just for the surf alone.

The beach itself is not so wide at high tide, so this is a guarantee that there will not be a massive amount of sunbeds at any time of the year.

Recommended Hotel in Surin Beach: AM Surin Place

Entering the water here can take the bather a little by surprise, as it gets quite deep quickly as there is a small shelf just out from the water’s edge. It is a great place for swimming and cooling down from the heat of the midday sun. The sea is blue, so blue it’s like a picture postcard. There is great snorkeling to the both the north and southern ends of the beach.

Along the beach there are numerous restaurants to choose from. The southern end has the old style beach hut styled bars and the northern end has an abundance of more modern western style bars and beach clubs. Many parties are held on the beach here through high season even at night this place is kicking.

There is some great little pizza places and the Thai food is some of the best on the Island on Surin Beach. The area has recently gone through somewhat of a rebirth probably more since the tsunami, however not because the wave did much damage here, as it did not. It’s just become so popular because it is so beautiful and relaxed here.

There is not much of a town near Surin Beach to speak of, just a few hotels, albeit expensive ones. It will never become anything like Patong Beach, that’s for sure. Surin Beach is a more upmarket place and the prices tend to be a little higher than Kamala Beach, for example.

Sunset at Surin Beach
Sunset at Surin Beach

Although the prices in the bars and restaurants along the beach here are all about the same as the other beaches; it is the property market that has made this area become more expensive. The sunbeds again, all belong to the small Thai restaurants are all about the same price, 200 baht for the day. And the guys will wait on you hand and foot.

You will also have venders coming around to your sunbed selling their wares, from T shirts, silk, ornaments, jewelry, dvd’s, ice cream at somewhat inflated prices don’t forget to barter with them, but still cheaper than what they are at home.

It is a feel good beach with a chilled out vibe. There are beach activities too, parasailing, waterskiing, and jet skis of course, but only if you want it, they will not bother you, but beware of the jet-skis insurance scams. It’s a shame, I know, but it does go on in Thailand, again, if in doubt stay off them.

Whenever I take the family or friends to Surin Beach we always find that there is always a mixture of culture here. People from all over the world come here, year after year and once you have been to Surin Beach you will now why and no doubt return yourself.

The next beach along the coast of Phuket is Bang Tao beach again a completely different style of beach entirely. Head south to find Laem Singh.

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