Easy Day Khao Sok Tours let you discover the Khao Sok National Park. The park is the most popular Eco-tourism destination in southern Thailand. Khao Sok is home to hundreds of species of mammals & birds including gibbons, horn bills and the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia.

Khao Sok Discovery Tour

Khao Sok Tours - Elephant Jungle Discovery

Price in Thai Baht per person: 3,300

Day tour from Phuket into Khao Sok National Park. Sightseeing, Elephant Jungle Bathing and a canoe or Bamboo rafting trip along River Sok.

Fun for the whole family. Available all year around and a great all-weather activity. So enjoyable on Sunny & Rainy days.

Jungle Discovery Overnight

Overnight Tours into Khao Sok National Park

Price in Thai Baht per person: 9,550

Immerse yourself in the tropical jungle of southern Thailand. Stay overnight in a comfortable luxury Boutique tent resort.

A 2 days / 1 night overnight tour package into the famous Khao Sok National Park including Elephant Bathing, Kaying or Bamboo rafting plus a trip onto Cheow Lan Lake.

Lake & Jungle Overnight Tour

Explore Khao Soks amazing Cheow Lan Lake

Price in Thai Baht per person: 9,550

An overnight package trip from Phuket Island to explore Cheow Lan Lake and the Jungle of Khao Sok national park.

Stay overnight in a floating raft resort on the lake. Enjoy Elephant bathing, kayaking through the tropical rainforest.

Khao Sok Lake Tour

Jumping into Cheow Lan Lake

Price in Thai Baht per person: 5,650

Don’t miss this Khao Sok Lake Adventure. Discover Cheow Lan Lake by longtail boat on this Day tour from Phuket Island into the heart of Khao Sok National park.

3 Day Khao Sok Jungle & Lake Safari

Khao Sok Lake Bamboo rafting

Price in Thai Baht per person: 13,750

Sign up for a 3 days / 2 nights Khao Sok Overnight Safari from Phuket. A great adventure with overnight stay in Raft House on Cheow Lan Lake and a stay at the Boutique Jungle tent Resort.

Plenty of fun and adventure wait for you in Khao Sok. Sign up now for one of our Phuket tours. Prefer a private tour? Check out our Private Khao Sok Tours.

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