Patong Beach, is over two miles long, a golden sandy beach adorned with sunbeds umbrellas and semi naked westerners of all shapes and sizes; Patong Beach There is no place like. It may not be everyone’s idea of paradise, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

The beach at Patong is famous, high season, low season its always busy, when other beaches are all but shut down for the quieter part of the year, Patong beach will be busy. It’s very easy to find Patong Beach just head towards the sun.

Patong beach is an ideal way for simply watching people, the jet skis and people hanging off parasails always makes interesting viewing. It always seems to me to have a carnival type atmosphere. But if you want a quieter beach try Bang Tao Beach.

If lazing around all day in the sun is your thing, here is the place to do it. Sunbeds on Patong Beach are available of course: two sunbeds, a table and an umbrella cost around 200 baht a day.

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My mother comes every year with her friends and a perfect day for them is lounging on the beach watching and laughing at the strange antics of others. Drinking a few cold beers, having lunch at one of the many restaurants and finishing the day off with a sunset cocktail is all part of the fun on Patong Beach and is only a few km’s away from  Karon Beach but so different.

The way the beach works is like this, once you are on there, find yourself a suitable area, choose a sunbed and sit/ lie down and chill out. Within a few minutes a sunbed attendant will come over to you, fix your umbrella, take your money and ask you if you need anything else.

Everything comes to you here; each area is run by different attendants, who probably pay a hefty rental fee to local government for their own area of sunbeds. Part of their business, will include a small bar and beach restaurant, from where you can order, from usually interesting menus, anything and have it brought to you while you cook in the sun.

There will be Ice cream venders coming round offering you over priced but very refreshing cold ices. Fruit sellers trek around the sunbeds selling seasonal fruits. Several donut guys will wander past too, offering delicious and very fattening (what the heck your on holiday) cakes and sugary donuts.

There will be women selling T shirts, silk shirts, scarves, hats and all manners of clothing in fact. Also for sale are wood carvings, pictures, ornaments, games, jewelry. On the odd occasion it can be a bit much, especially if you are trying to get a few minutes shut eye, a simple no thank you in English or in Thai which is even more impressive ‘Mai Ow’ will suffice.

In fact, it is a great place to shop for souvenirs and all without having to walk anywhere, it is like having the local market come to you, and you can expect to pay a little more than you would for these things than at the local markets but only by a few baht. The sellers all love to barter, starting at silly high prices, but they will come down quite quickly as long as you don’t take it serious and always keep a smile on your face.

There will be ladies giving manicures and pedicures, massages are freely available Foot, Thai and Oil massages are the most popular. You can get a tattoo on the beach too, henna, which last a few days to a week.


For more adventurous folk there is Jet-skiing, Para-sailing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing and Banana Boat rafting. There have been numerous reports of the old jet-ski scam here, the machines are not insured and any damage, no matter how slight, will have to be paid for, so be warned, if in doubt don’t go on them.

Best Option is to join a Jet Ski Tour, which you can book with your Easy Day Phuket Team.

Out of a two week holiday, and if beaches are your thing and you fancy an entertaining day where you where you can cool off in the refreshing blue waters of Phuket. If you fancy lazing about all day, with a massage or manicure and pedicure and do a little shopping while drinking ice cold beer; if you enjoy watching the world go by, if only for a day then Patong beach is for you, you will not be disappointed.

But remember, you have been warned, if quieter beaches are more your thing like the beaches at Ya Nui, Nai Harn or Kata Noi, then go elsewhere other than Patong Beach, there are many beaches in Phuket, but none quite like Patong that is for sure.

The next little beach along the way north is Kalim Beach heading south is Karon Beach.

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