Nai Harn Beach
Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach reminds me little of Surin Beach. There is a splendid little island off to the left of the beach, with great snorkeling and is easy to swim out to at low tide in the peak season anyhow.

Nai Harn Beach is further south than the Kata Noi Beach, easy to miss, but this beach is never busy, not even in high season. Very rare is there more than one line of sunbeds stretched out along the white sand. Nai Harn Beach does have some interesting swells at high tide, so caution is recommended, particularly in low season. So check the flags the life guards have put out the beach.

There are usually some large yachts moored off the beach, it truly is a picture postcard beach. Very few venders to bother you and even less noise as there are hardly any speedboats about. This is another sun lover’s paradise beach much like the one at Kata Noi Beach.

There is a couple of ways to get there; one way is over the hills that lead out of Kata Beach. Instead of taking the road to Kata Noi Beach take the left road up into the hills, this will take you on a wonderful little journey, which is very refreshing too. As you start to ascend the hills that separate Kata beach from the more southern beaches of Phuket.

Up, then down, past the elephant trekking stations, you come to a crossroads, at the bottom of the hill you will notice, that you are back in civilization. Here turn right and follow your nose all the way through the Nai Harn Villages’ long and winding road. You will come to a large reservoir on your left, now you can go round this to the left or to the right, explore, explore, explore is the way here, see which you like best.

I you have small children, then take the left, as just before the beach there is a little lagoon where the children can play in the safety of a very calm waters unaffected by waves; there are numerous restaurant and bars here; of course.

In fact, the street food is out of this world, barbecue chicken, fish, squid, sticky rice, pork lion on sticks, mango and other fruits you cannot get back at home, without paying a fortune for that is, and fresh, so fresh in fact,  they were only pick that day.

Behind the beach is an assortment of restaurants all serving good quality food, maybe some better than others, but I have dined at most of them now, and they all seem very good, a little pricey, but you always pay more near the beaches. There are also some little souvenir shops, where picking up bargains for your friends back home is made easy.

Nai Harn Beach
Nai Harn Beach

Behind the restaurants, there is a large temple, there is lots of parking space and you can go inside and have a look around, but please be aware, Thai Temples are very sacred, so go dressed appropriately, the Thai People are very tolerant of tourists, but be assured, they do not appreciate half naked Europeans marching through their temples: dress accordingly, it is for the best.

There is also some good snorkeling here to, if you get over to the side of the beach near the rocks, the sea there is crystal clear. There are some slight currents, so watch where you drift, there is a small beach named Ao Sane at the end of the bay which is very good for watching marine life Snorkel rental equipment is readily available at most of the small venders dotted about.

Further along the coast is a another splendid and even more secluded beach which goes by the name of Ya Nui this beach is paradise too, folk often alternate there beaches visits between these two.

Heading south from here you will find Ya Nui and north bring you to Kata Noi beach.

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