Ya Nui Beach is a sweet little beach that is tucked away in between Promthep Cape and Nai Harn beach. It is one of those rare beaches that are not only idyllic, but just perfect for those that want to lose themselves on the beach for a week or two.

Ya Nui, only in your wildest dreams has this beach been seen before, here the dream becomes a reality. Maybe it’s raining on a dark cold dark winters evening, or you’re on your way back home after a dreary day at work, your mind slips you away maybe to your next vacation, do you see yourself sitting on a beautiful almost deserted beach, somewhere in Thailand, if so, then look no further and dream, no more, it’s here.

Ya Nui Beach
Ya Nui Beach

Imagine fine sand falling gently through your toes, and the gentle sound of the lapping of the Andaman Sea just a few metres away from where you are soaking up the sun. A rare tropical bird fly’s by, the waiter brings you an ice cold beer, almost too cold to hold, but not quite. We all have had similar dream have we not, here at Ya Nui it’s real, and that’s a promise.

Further round the coast from Kata Noi Beach the trail to Ya Nui Beach from Nai Harn is easy to tread. Coming from Nai Harn Beach just by-pass the beach there, sticking to the left side of the lake, there is a split in the road. The left side takes you up a steep incline, take that left, you begin an ascent, enabling you to catch some stunning glimpses of the Nai Harn Beach below. As you reach the summit you may want to stop at the view point and take some pictures for the scrap book back at home.

After here, the hill starts to decline and winds down through the lush green tropical forest, upon reaching the bottom there is Ya Nui. A small opening onto the beach with only a small area to park the car or bike on the right hand side, on the left hand side there is some more space for parking.

So you feel the warmth of the sand between your toes finally for real, on Ya Nui Beach look out and you will see only a few hundred metres away, the small Island of Kaew Noi it lies so close it’s almost in touching distance. It’s an easy swim out there and the snorkeling is great, especially in high season.

This is not a busy beach by any standards, but, it is quite small, so I recommend that you get there early to secure your little piece of paradise. There are several restaurants here serving the usual Thai and European cuisine that are usually associated with the beaches here. Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, and for the more exotic Thai food: Tom Yum Gung, Som Tam, Pad Thai, Barbecue Chicken, Red Curry plus many more dishes to choose.

You can hire sunbeds at Ya Nui Beach, just as you can anywhere else in Phuket, just find where you would to stay take a seat and the attendant will come and sort everything for you. The price for the day is around 200 baht for two, which includes an umbrella.

Across the road there are a couple beach bungalows for rent and you can use the toilet facilities there. Souvenirs can be purchased from the vendors that will be walking around the beach, there is a massage area both body and foot massages are available.

Ya Nui Beach
Ya Nui Beach

You can purchase food and have it brought direct to your sunbed, ice cold drinks, ice creams, all what you need to escape those dreary old days of the winter back home, go and see and chill out.

After a while, with such peace and quiet all around, and you staring out to sea watching the ripples of the Andaman roll in. It becomes almost hypnotic to the mind, soothing to the soul. Ya Nui Beach is quite simply out of this world.

Head south and you will find Rawai Beach head north and it will bring you to Kata Noi Beach.

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