Kalim Beach is more of an extension of Patong Beach, separated by large rocks and a small break in the road it does not take much hunting to find the Kalim Beach trail again.

Certainly not as large as its Big Brother Patong Beach, Kalim beach is a great little escape from the busy beach just down the road. It is mainly rocky beach, but there are some wonderful little spots on the beach there, and it’s just off the Kalim Road. It is very conveniently located close to quite a few bars, restaurants and hotels.

Kalim Beach
Kalim Beach

To get there from Patong Beach, just head north to the end of the beach; you will notice the main road bends around with the beach, so just follow on up the hill. You will begin to see that the sandy beaches of Patong start to give way to more rocky outcrops, there will be sunbathers snuggled into these alcoves, as they provide excellent seclusion.

Of course you can swim in the area just be a little cautious not to get caught up in the rocks, the snorkeling is fine here too. Keep your eyes open for Crabs, Shrimps, tiny Damsel Fish will try to bite which is always amusing, it’s a good job these fish are no bigger than a goldfish, that’s for sure. Many different types of Starfish and shell fish can be spotted here. You can rent snorkels and masks from one of the small shops opposite the beach.

There are some beautiful little secluded spots where there are deckchairs for rent,  again the prices are pretty much the same as they are in Patong, around 200 baht for a couple of sun beds and an umbrella. But be there early as there is not an abundance of them like on Patong beach.

Further along the beach, and this little gorgeous beach turns into mainly large rock pools, and is quite difficult to find anywhere to soak up the rays, but it ideal for rooting around with a small net looking for little marine life the kids love it here. You will often see the local Thai people here at low tide, looking for crabs and other small critters to put in their cook pots.

In low season, this is a very popular area for the surf community to come and play as the rocky bottom helps produce larger waves for them to surf.

Behind the beach is the main road which stretches all the way up to Bang Tao -one of Phuket’s longest and most un-spoilt pure white sandy beaches. You will notice a small local Thai school, well just a little further down the road, you will find, particularly around sunset, many little eating places.

Kalim Beach
Kalim Beach

It’s a wonderful atmosphere here; we have eaten there many times. You can sit at one little travelling restaurant and order food from the others too, everyone knows each other and it’s all very friendly.

You can find Pancakes, Pad Thai, Seafood, Noodle soup; Roti and Thai Deserts and many other Thai delicious dishes are on sale. If you time it right, you can catch the sun setting over the Andaman Sea. And after a long hot day doing nothing, it is nice just to sit and listen to the chatter of the locals along with some great food and a cold beer or two, makes for a perfect end to another day in Phuket.

Further up the coast, there are several little bars and restaurants open for business, all day long, some friends and I do like to sit up there, it’s a great viewing area for the whole of Patong Beach. The huge granite boulders, very much like in the Similan Islands, are impressive, especially when there is a high tide and the waves are smashing into it.

And about another ten minutes further north, you will come to another beach called Kamala Beach head south and you will find Patong of course.

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