Nai Thon Beach, similar in size to Ya Nui Beach in the south, has the strangest sand of all the beaches in Phuket. Nai Thon Beach literally squeaks as you walk on it, and if you run along it gets louder and you can’t help but laugh. It has the purest sand on the island and maybe this is why it makes such strange noises.

It is not so long in length, but if there is a more beautiful beach on the island, then I have not seen it yet. Nai Thon Beach gently slopes into a waiting Andaman Sea, ready to cool off the sun loving bronzer, the water is crystal clear and refreshing and the privacy, well it’s like having your own private beach.

Nai Thom
Nai Thon

It’s not so far up the road from Bang Tao and Surin Beach; in fact, straight up the coast and probably no more than ten minutes on a good day. There is plenty of area to park your bike or car, and there are several restaurants opposite the beach.

Nai Thon Beach has started to grow a little in recent years, but pace is slow here, in fact in low season, it is almost nonexistent. It’s like the whole village hibernates for the low season, such is life at Naithon, and there are a few small souvenir shops, a Dive Shop and a Mini mart.

There is usually only a small amount of sun beds here, maybe one line stretching across the beach, as opposed to some of the busier beaches, like Patong, Kata, Karon and Surin. The price again is pretty much the same as the other beaches, 200bht for two beds and a parasol umbrella. Just pick a lounger sit and wait for the attendant to come over and fix you up.

There is only one major resort in the area, but there are a few smaller guesthouses and bars, a sprinkling of restaurants to feed and water the hot and sizzling tourist. There are very few beach activities and at the writing of this there were no jet skis parasailing or any of that kind of thing. It is just a place to chill out and forget the weather at home and soak up the Thai sun.

It is unlikely that this area will be disturbed any time soon by any of those going on, as it is plagued in the south, as here, it is control by the National Park Authority. They tend to be strict as to who can open up business and who can’t. The area must be protected because of its natural beauty.

However, that said, you can make your own fun here, the snorkeling is excellent at either end of the Nai Thon Beach, where you will find some large boulders breaking the surface. The boulders are made of granite, much like those in the Similans. The marine life is good too; Trumpet fish patrol these waters along with flute mouths and Crocodile Needle fish are hunting closer to the surface. The coral is also in very good condition with both hard and soft corals thriving quite close in to shore.

The beach itself lies in the shade of the huge trees that line the area, if you fancy a day away from the resort you are staying, then make your way towards the airport at the junction turn left for a few Km’s,  follow the signs for the Andaman White Beach resort and from there it will be sign posted.

The area in years gone by was part of the huge Tin Mining Industry and on the way up there you can still see the scars left by this industry of a bygone era. Nai Thon Beach though remains hardly touch and with the protection of the National Park it is great hands for the future.

The next beach north of here is Nai Yang and to the south is the beach at Bang Tao.

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