Naka Night Market is a hidden treasure of shopping and culinary delights. Anyone with an interest in either will love it there. The market even has several ice cold beer bars for those not so inclined to bargain hunt.

Naka Night Market
Naka Night Market

The market which is situated just off the Chaofa West Road just a couple of minutes south of Central Festival is only open at the weekends from 4pm until 10pm.

I recommend that you get there around 4 – 430 pm, just before the sun sets, get a decent parking space, before the masses arrive. The market is only a few minutes out from Phuket Town, and is opposite the Naka Temple, just before the Choafa west junction. Alternative is join Easy Day’s Night Market Tour.

It has a massive food section which is covered, here there so much food, you need to come back each week for a year just to sample each dish. It’s all fresh food, most of which is cooked right there on site, it’s very reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

I have a couple of friends who go there every week just to enjoy the food, choosing a different dish each. The seafood is amongst the freshest in Phuket, as its all from Phuket town, where all the fishing boats trade up after a night on the seas.

There are seating areas here to enjoy a meal, but most just grab a bite from one stall and walk to the next and grab something different. It’s that kind of place.

As you enter the market from the Chaofa road end, you will instantly smell the aromas and then see the eating area. Some of the food that is available you will not find in your local Thai restaurant back at home, that’s for sure.

Bbq, Pork & Chicken, spare ribs done Thai style, noodle soup, sweet corn many different varieties, fish dishes, only in your dreams could you imagine, Isaarn food like som tam and spicy sausage and sticky rice the list is endless.

If you are however feeling really adventurous and have not done so already, then try the deep fried insect section. There is all the wonderful delights of the Thai countryside all deep fried for your pleasure. They come in all shapes and sizes and available at my last visit was:-

Grasshoppers, Silk worms, Bamboo worms, Crickets, Water beetles, in the past I have also seen Spiders, Bats and Scorpions being sold. You’ve seen it on TV, now try it for real. All around there are small stalls selling ice cold soft drinks and beers and fruit juices so you can wash it all down.

As you enter the market just before the car / motorbike parking area, there are a few little bars, so if shopping is not your thing and you have been forced to tag along. Then fear not, here you can grab yourself a few cold beers and watch the world go by (or buy as the case may be); while the shoppers do their thing. Also there are several massage shops waiting to ease your pains, Thai traditional, foot, body and oil massages are available.

The market is divided into two halves, half of which has a covered roof and the other half not. Things for sale, well, where does one start. All the usual stuff from T shirts, shorts, shirts, jeans, trousers, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, handcrafts and antiques. Music CD’s, Movie DVD’s, Mp3’s, animals, Thailand and Phuket souvenirs, watches, toys, teddy bears, electronic section, mobile phones and stuff, it also has a large second hand area.

Very Cheap
Very Cheap

If you are staying in Patong then a Tuk Tuk may cost as little as 400 baht, from Phuket town 200 baht. Naka night market is a place where you can get all your gifts for oyur family and friends back home feast yourself on excellent Thai food, have a few beers then top it off with a massage and all in one place.

If you like markets than do not miss to visit “Lard Yai” Market, a Walking Street market on Thalang Road in Old Phuket Town.

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