Laem Singh Beach paradise
Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is one of the trickier beaches to get to. Laem Singh Beach has a rather steep hill to navigate in order to the actual beach, but boy is it worth the trip out. Most folk who come to see this quite simply amazing beach, are usually staying in Patong Beach or Kamala Beach or a little further north in Surin Beach.

The ride out is simple enough, it’s a little trek down to the beach, from the road, through the steep pathway and dense jungle is what that makes it more interesting place to visit. There is a good enough path down there, leading to the sweetest of beaches.

There is not much parking space at the top of the beach, so its beast to take a Taxi or Tuk Tuk, there are always Tuk Tuk loitering around here. So catching one back won’t be a problem. Most find that the two minute walk down the path to Laem Singh beach is easier than the 10 minute trek back up, mainly due to the one too many beers that may be consumed.

Once on the beach, you could really be anywhere in the world, it so secluded and has a feel of almost complete privacy, even though there will be other folk down. It is never overcrowded on Laem Singh, and you have the feeling that it is your own little private beach. Most folk down here come year after year knowing full well the beauty of Laem Singh Beach

The privacy you feel down here is drawn from the huge granite boulders that adorned the rear of the beach and protects the beach from prying eyes the lush green tropical growth that covers these huge granite boulders is just how the whole of Phuket Island use to be back in the old Tin Mining days.

Laem sing beach is compact, so there is not much room for bar after restaurants after bar, there are only half a dozen or so. At the rear of the beach, there are several restaurants and bars of course and the food down here is simply to die for. There are fantastic mouth-watering aromas emanating from the little Italian restaurant named Da-Ali, which is run by a local.

There are also some great night time parties down on Laem Singh beach, however, once down there, remember you have to climb back up, as the booze does flow freely, it is easy to forget about the trek back to civilization afterwards.

Laem Singh Beach
Laem Singh Beach

The restaurants tend to control much of what goes on on the beach, so it is these guys who will sort you out for a sunbed and parasol. The prices again are generally the same as most of the other beaches 200 baht for the day. They have their staff service all the sunbeds, so you don’t even have to move, they will cater to your every whim.

The sand is fine white, the beach itself has a little shelf as you enter the crystal waters, watch your step. A little off into the corners of the beach, again there is plenty of place to snorkel and I have dived down there myself off the rocks. It’s not very deep, but there are some lovely little marine creatures to spot, I even saw Nemo once.

Laem Singh Beach, so many happy memories for me down there, just chilling on the warm pure white sands, watching the people frolicking in the waves; listening to some cool tunes from the bar behind, receiving a Thai massage – to get rid of those aches and pains. Watching the ice slowly melt in my Mai Tai cocktail, (only a couple of course), Ah, happy days.

The next beach along the coast is Surin Beach, another one of my favourite beaches, so many beaches so little time. Head south find Laem Singh Beach.

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