Nai Yang Beach is a still relative un-spoilt beach of golden sand and azure blue seas, rivaling any beach on Phuket. Nai Yang Beach is a sleepy little village, not far from Bang Tao Beach, and is also protected by the National Park Trust like that of Nai Thom, thus ensuring minimum development and abuse of land rights.

Nai Yang
Nai Yang

Nai Yang Beach is a favourite with many local Thai families, particularly on the weekends. They drive up from their homes to come and sit in the shade and watch the foreigner’s burn themselves in the hot sun, all the while sitting in the shade of huge palm trees eating lunch.

The southern end of the beach is a little bit more commercial, with a few little watering holes and restaurants serving some delightful local Thai cuisine. There is also a few food mobile food venders serving up barbeque chicken and pork, also they serve seafood including shrimps, small lobsters and squid.

There are also several fruit vendors selling ice cold water melon and pineapples, all very refreshing, also selling the local fruit of the season and for very reasonable prices.

On the odd occasion, there will be some nocturnal visitors to this beach; the female Turtles come at certain times of the year to lay their eggs. This is a very sensitive time for the turtles, as they should not be disturbed at all, if this is witnessed, it is important to report any sightings direct to the Phuket Marine Biological center. You can even let the local dive shop or your hotel know what you have seen and ask them to contact the center

Unlike a lot of beaches in Phuket Nai Yang is still worked by the locals and you will see fishermen mending and preparing their nets for the next fishing adventure. These guys have nothing to do with tourism and are there all year round. They are approachable of course, like most Thai People they are very friendly, however do not expect them to speak much English, if you try to spark up a conversation.

Nai Yang Beach is almost on top of the Phuket International Airport and it’s great to watch the planes come and go all day, that’s how hectic it is up there on Nai Yang. Do not expect much in the way of any other beach activities, other than snorkeling and maybe a beach scuba dive or diving of a local longtail boat. We recommend Crystal Blue Divers.

Other than that, there is not much else to do, apart maybe from soaking up the rays, drinking ice cold beer or cocktails, munch on the local Thai dishes and generally doing nothing. Oh paradise.

How to get to this beautiful tranquil beach;  head towards Phuket International Airport on Highway 402, then take a left turn at the lights for the airport. Then as you get to the end of that road, veer off to the left and then take the first road sign posted Nai Yang Beach.

Nai Yang
Nai Yang Beach

On the beach, there are enough sunbeds for everyone, saying that there won’t be that many people about, high season or not. The prices again are similar to those elsewhere on the island. There are several tour counters, that can help you get back to your hotel, in Kamala, or Kata, or wherever, if you came by Tuk Tuk, they can fix you up a ride back.

In the middle of the beach area, there are several little places where you can use the bathroom facilities, for a very small price. The further you get from Patong the quieter it gets and Nai Yang is no different. This is the kind of beach the people who come here are those who have found it so peaceful that they come back year after year.

The beach to the south of here is Nai Thom and if you go a little further north you will come to Mai Khao.

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