Kamala Beach Phuket
                   View of Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is a rather unknown beach to many who visit Phuket’s shores. Kamala Beach is just ten minutes north of Patong Beach, but a world away from the, some might say, madness. If you have ever been to the Phuket Fantasea Show before, then you will have come through Kamala Beach, most probably without even knowing it.

Phuket Fantasea is located toward the back end of Kamala, even so if you have ever been there to see the superb show they put on, outside it was probably dark and you would not be able to see the beach in all its exquisite glory. Further up the coast are a couple even more famous Beaches of Phuket, Laem Singh Beach and Surin Beach, and a little further on is Bang Tao Beach.

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Kamala Beach was originally a quaint little Muslim fishing village way back when and in fact, there is still fishermen working the sea there to this day. But tourism has taken over somewhat, particularly after the Tsunami. Kamala was badly smashed up in 2004, by the massive wave, and it took much longer for it to recover, due to it not being as popular as Patong Beach of course. But recovered it has, oh and how, Kamala Beach is a hidden diamond in the rough.

As you drive over the hills from Patong Beach, you have to pass through the tiny little village of Kalim Beach, and then you start to climb up into the hills. Always worth taking a camera here, as the views are out of this world. There are several points for excellent views across Patong bay, as you reach the summit, there will be some restaurants and also on the way down into Kamala a couple of small hotels to stop in your in need of some light refreshments.

As you enter Kamala Beach, you take the first left turn at the bottom of the hill. From here the road twist a little until you see the sea, here you should catch a few glimpses of the small long-tail fishing boats. This area is not really suitable for sun lounging, as there is a small river running into the sea here, it’s a run off from the hills. You then turn right, straight on pass the school, and you come to shops, bars and so on.

You will soon see the entrance to Kamala Beach, the white sand greets you like a flash of light, the sea is so inviting, to me it is always a little less blue with more shades of emerald green, more of a lagoon colouring, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And the beauty of it is, it will be quite, its always quite, the only folk who come here, are those that regularly visit Phuket and have found Kamala Beach coming back year upon year.

The bay itself is protected, as it has hills all around, so there is only but a gentle breeze blowing in, keeping the sun lovers from sizzling too much. It’s a very long beach, probably as long as Patong beach, with several entrances along the main road to it. All along the beach, there are sun chairs and places to chill out; the prices are the same here as most other places.

Kamala Beach
Kamala Beach Sunset

If you are staying in Patong, then Kamala is much nearer than Kata Beach and Kata Noi Beach and, it is just, if not more, stunning and peaceful. I have many friends who live in Kamala, so we visit often, we like to go down to the beach with the children, safe in the knowledge we will not be too disturbed by lots of noise and overcrowding. There are several restaurants down on the beach, most of which we have tried.

My daughter has found a very cool bar (she calls it the shake bar) there, where she can get her favourite Banana Shake. In fact they make the best shakes in Phuket on Kamala Beach, so she says anyhow. The area is getting more built up these days, but progress is still much slower than the rest of Phuket and you can still get a real sense of what Phuket must have been like all those years ago.

There is some great snorkeling to be had by the edges of the shore line, to the north of the beach and there is some great little dive sites a little further up the coast too. There are always long-tail boat captains ready to take you along the shores, well if you can wake them from their afternoon snooze that is.

All in all Kamala Beach is how Phuket would have been years ago, it’s a beautiful laid back very quiet little village, with a beach hardly anyone knows about.

The next beach along is Laem Singh Beach, now here is a beach that is truly special. Go south and you will find Kalim Beach.

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