Kata beach is only a stone’s throw away from Karon Beach, it is another busy beach in the peak season, however, in the slower green season, when the south west monsoon picks up, it does tend to be much quieter here.

Kata Beach
Kata Beach

There are two beaches in the district of Kata, Kata Beach and Kata Noi Beach (noi means small in Thai) in this report we will chat about the larger of the two Kata beaches. Kata Beach is very popular with young families as its close to the hotels and shops bars and restaurants.

The beach itself is sat in a calm bay and during the high season months, it is possible to swim in the clear blue seas. However, like Karon Beach during and the months of May to October, its best to stay out of the water, as there can be very big waves. And also some strange rip tides; pay particular attention to the beach flags. However for Surfing in Phuket, the right conditions.

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The family and I went down to Kata Beach on New Year’s Day for bite to eat and a paddle in the sea. It was very busy, but not like the Patong Beach, it’s much quieter there are very few jet skis. However Best Option is to join a Jet Ski Tour, which you can book with your Easy Day Phuket Team.

Kata Beach Long Tail
Kata Beach Long Tail

There are several long tail-boats parked up on the beach, these guys will let you rent the boat for a few hundred baht, they then will take you out to the small island just of the beach, a great place for snorkeling. There is good snorkeling to the north and southern ends of the beach too down amongst the rocks.

Also they can whip you round to Kata Noi Beach to if you don’t fancy walking there, these boats range in price and it is possible to barter with them. Just bear in mind to keep smiling and not laugh too loud when they start at a ridiculous high price, they will come down in price the friendlier you are.

There is also surprisingly good diving off this beach, it would be unusual if you did not sea half dozen divers trekking down the beach all tanked up wading into the sea. Many of the local dives shops come here to train their divers. There is a small reef on the northern section of the beach. It is an excellent place to spot small stuff like Seahorses Octopus, Scorpion fish, Sea Turtles.

There has been many sightings of Large Groupers, Harlequin Shrimps Bamboo Nurse Sharks, Hawksbill Sea Turtles, the depth of the dive site varies with the tide, but is not deeper than 12/14 metres at max.

I have dived here several times myself over the years and saw a Juvenile Sweetlips and a very rare Sea-moth, which was walking out in the sandy area. If you have a dive license or want one, then here is definitely a place worth considering.

Surfing in Phuket at Kata Beach
Surfing at Kata Beach, Phuket

To get to Kata Beach just head south from Karon Beach past all going up the small hill past the bars and shops keep right as the road splits and it takes you down to the beach. The setup is the same as Karon Beach find yourself a sun bed take a seat and the attendant will be over to fix you up the sun beds fees are similar to Patong Beach -around 200 baht for two beds and an umbrella plus a small table.

The sun bed guys like the other beaches also have small areas where you can purchase snacks, beer, soft drinks burgers and pizzas. There will also be people walking the beaches selling goods, but again nowhere near as many people hassling you here and this is why Kata beach is so popular people from all over the world flock here to relax and enjoy the winter sun.

Heading north out of Karon you will find Patong Beach, go south to find Kata Beach.

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