If you’re going to Phuket Island, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit or go to Old Phuket Town. Going to the heart of this town requires you to go straight to Thalang Road. The streets are already old with outlaying areas along the way.

Old Phuket Town is considered to be a vital tin mining area for Thais in the 19th and 20th century. Actually, it became the main town because of its easy and convenient access to Sapan Hin where Bang Yai canal runs through. It was in the last 10 years when the old town was restored and renovated for tourists.

Today you find plenty of coffee shops, hardware stores, noodle shops, fabric shops and a lot more.

Discover Old Phuket

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More about Thalang Road

Travelling the entire Thalang Road from north to south and from east to west will take you to the best part of the road. On the south, you’ll see the Queen Sirikit Park while the Thep Kasatri Road on the east side. There’s a lot to see in this road that you are not expecting to encounter once you get there.

On the west part, there’s the Bang Yai canal situated prior the junction hall. At Bang Yai is where the old town festival is held where tourists get the chance to ride an old boat going to the center or the middle of the road. Back then, the road has fewer building all over the town with old family-owned businesses. Some restaurants and cafés can also be found in the town with old shops in front.

You might be wondering what the Thalang Road looks like. Well, for those who haven’t gone to the place, a little bit of information will help you figure out and visualize what the road really looks like. Above, you’ll see intricate carvings that make up an old building and town. As you go farther, you’ll encounter shops like cake shops and also the well-known, Since 1892. This south side café has been considered a top spot for tourists who go to Thailand for relaxation. It’s more like a souvenir shop where you can purchase clothes, furniture, cakes and coffee. Everything inside the café is just perfect for gifts and for any occasion.

Going southwest will take you to a number of Muslim fabric shops where you can purchase quality Muslim fabrics. On the south part, is the Route 68 where you can experience live music and bands during weekends. This bar/restaurant is known for its pub, gentle blues and jazz music good for friend’s night out. Another interesting restaurant that opened recently in the place is the Eleven Two & Co. It is open for both indoor and outdoor setting where you can take photos of the Thalang Road in one sitting.

Thalang Road has several things to offer to tourists. Your day will surely be complete with your trip to Thailand.