Sarasin Bridge - Connecting Phuket with the main land of Thailand
Sarasin Bridge, Phuket

Sarasin Bridge is the first spectacular sight you will see as you enter Phuket by road. There are two bridges connecting Phuket to the mainland of Phang Nga over the Prak Pah Strait.

The smaller and much older bridge was built in 1967, it’s 600 meters long. In 2011 it was renovated, with the middle area being raised higher and a watch tower was added and was converted into a pedestrian only bridge. This smaller bridge has an infamous history.

 Running to its side, is the much newer and larger bridge, named Thao Thep Krasatti Bridge; this bridge allows traffic to run over a four lane system. The bridge is free to cross and is a fantastic area for sightseeing and it has become a big tourist attraction.

It is also a popular area for fishing, and one can get some great photos, especially at sunset. Local anglers agree that this area is exceptional for catching squid. The bridges are the gateway to several of Phuket’s marinas, as it’s a very busy area for small boats.

Sarasin Bridge is notorious amongst locals; it has been the scene of several suicide attempts, and in particular, a story of forbidden love ending so tragically, as its most legendary love story.

In 1973, the bridge was the scene of a double suicide pact. Local bus driver Khun Dam, had fallen deeply in love with his childhood sweetheart Gew. Although her rich parents were not keen on their daughter’s relationship with the poor boy from Phuket; they surely never in their worst nightmares thought it would end so tragically.

Gews father of course, wanted the very best for his daughter, and had ideas of grandeur for her and did not want her marrying a poor boy like Dam. Instead Gew’s father dictated his daughter’s life by not allowing her to think and act freely. He wanted Gew to be married to a richer local man.

The legend says that he would not allow his daughter out of the house and would keep her locked her away in her room for days on end.

As hard as they tried to make her father see their love for each was true and real, it just seemed to compound the matter making it much worse. On occasion, her father would beat her for her disobedience. The girls pleading and the boy’s defiance of her father’s wishes reached almost hysterical levels.

After seeing that there was no way to get her father to except her boyfriend; knowing that he would never consent to allowing her to marry Dam, a decision was made. They decided that the only way they could be together, would be to commit suicide.

So they made their way to Sarasin Bridge and with a loincloth they tethered it to each other and with one last emotional clinch they jumped. When their bodies were finally recovered by the authorities, it is said that they were still locked in their deathly embrace.

Even if you don’t feel like jumping to your immediate decline, the Sarasin Bridge is a great place to visit. The views are spectacular. And well worth the trip from your resort.

Since the new bridge opened, the number of fatalities has dramatically declined the waters that run under the bridge, run fast. Maybe, just maybe there are many more fatalities and the bodies have just not been found.

Even if you don’t feel like jumping to your immediate decline, the Sarasin Bridge is a great place to visit. The views are spectacular. And well worth the trip from your resort.

On the Phuket side, many food vendors set up their stalls all ready for business. Selling barbecue chicken, squid, noodle soup and other light refreshments; there is also a fantastic seafood restaurant on the left hand side of the bridge.

Just over the bridge on the Phang Nga side, there is a wonderful street market. They have almost everything here, including the kitchen sink. A huge variety of food, Barbeque Chicken, Pork, beef and squid, all rice and noodle dishes, drinks. They even have a hardware store and many little stores where you can grab souvenirs of your trip to Sarasin Bridge.

Just around the corner you will then find the Thanoon Seafood restaurant, it is a quite wonderful little place where one can rest after the trek over the bridge. It sits quietly on the beach and it has quite simply stunning views. Coming for the sunset and drinking a few cold Chang beers and a few snacks is a perfect end to the day.

Thanoon restaurant is so peaceful, there is a dramatic view of the bridge on one side and the other is straight out to sea. It has a fine reputation and has been around for quite a few years now and its extensive menu has picked up a good reputation. The seafood menu in particular is great; they have a fresh seatwater tank where you can pick any lobster, crab or king prawn that takes your fancy.

If seafood is not your thing, they also have all the other Thai cuisine on offer and if you ask them nicely they will make French fries for the kids too.  There are two seating areas, one in and the other outside. The one outside has shade from the sun. Here you can watch all the activities going on, you can see Parasailing, water skiing, wake boarding, and you don’t even have to get out of your chair.

Sarasin Bridge has so much more to offer than people may think; the history the love stories the markets the wonderful seafood restaurants and views too. Well worth a visit, and don’t forget your cameras.

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