View Promthep cape
View Promthep cape

Promthep Cape is a wonderful place to watch the sunset, after a long hard day at the beach a few cocktails and a chance to catch some cool breezes is the perfect end to a long sunny day in Phuket.

If its beaches, sunsets and eating which are your things, then I have an idea for a great day out. Down on the south west tip of Phuket there is a great couple of little beaches, no not Kata although very pretty. One of these beaches is called Nai Harn. Nai harn is a little bit off the beaten track and the beach itself sits right at the end of a long road that winds itself all the way through Nai Harn village.

The beach here at Nai Harn is very cosy, the sea, a little bit wavy, but has lots of space, and the water is very clear. Just out to the left of the beach, you will see a small island and there will be several small yachts anchored around it. It’s a beautiful setting, and a great safe beach to take the children. After you have topped up the tan, drank some coconut milk and played beach tennis, it may be time to move on.

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Kata Noi View Point

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Our Private Full Day Tour of Phuket Island will show you all the Sightseeing high-lights that Phuket has to offer such as Promthep Cape. There is too much to see to cover it all in a full day, however we do our best to show you the most important and most wanted places.

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More about Promthep Cape

Further down the cost southwards, you will come to a sharp incline, which takes you up past a small wind turbine situated next to a great little view point. Here there is a guy dressed up like Bob Marley selling of course, souvenirs. From here you can see the whole of the beach where you have just come from. Now as you descend the hill there is yet another even more remote beach called Ya Nui, again very beautiful and quaint.

Further on along the journey then we start to come to our ultimate destination Promthep Cape, Promthep is possibly the most popular view point in Phuket, especially at sunset. The views from up there really are stunning the whole of the southern tip of Phuket is viewable. There is a small car park as you approach Promthep cape view point.

As you look up, there is a large staircase, and no doubt masses of tourists from all over the world. It’s a very popular place and it is not unusual to see coach loads of them taking photos, holding hands and looking dreamily up towards the disappearing sun. Local Thai couples use this area frequently for romantic strolls.

At the top of the stairs there are several shrines to Buddha and there is a small herd of elephants up there too, don’t worry, they don’t have the run of the place, they are just ornaments and make fantastic photographic models.

The large area at the top has several telescopes for viewing and here you will get that panoramic shot of the whole area.  They say that if you listen very closely when they sun hits the horizon, you can actually here it sizzle when it goes below the surface of the sea. To be honest, I have never heard it sizzle, but who am I to argue with local legends.

Promthep cape
Promthep cape

There is a small light house in the vicinity too, it also doubles up as a museum, there is not much to see in the lighthouse, but if you are feeling brave, fit and healthy then it is worth the hike up to see the lighthouse.

Across the street there are lots and lots of souvenir shops and they all look like they are selling the same things. Upon closer inspection you will notice that they actually are selling the same things as each other: sea shells, sarongs, key rings, and all manner of Phuket souvenirs we take back home with us and stick in a draw to gather dust.

Back over to the other side of the road and it surely must be diner time, at the top of the hill again is a wonderful restaurant called the Promthep Restaurant. The food is delightful the views will take your breath away and the prices will leave you stunned, ‘no, only jokin.’ The restaurant is excellent and the menu is extensive and in both in Thai and English, the seafood is a must, the service is fast and it is big dining area so it is never crowded.

Well worth a visit, of course you don’t have to do all of these things in one day, but they are all very close and if you have come from a resort further out like Patong, then it is worth killing a few birds with one stone.

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