Leopard Shark at Phuket Shark Point - Image by Adriano Trapani
Leopard Shark at Shark Point

Phuket Shark Point, a small rock outcropping about 1½ hour East of Phuket is a famous marine sanctuary due to its tremendous variety of marine life.

There are actually several rocks to dive on but only Shark Point 1 breaks the surface. Shark Point 1 alone could easily occupy divers for several dives but a short swim across the sand at 18 metres takes you to Shark Point 2.

The rocks are completely covered in soft corals, barrel sponges, clams, multi coloured anemones and large gorgonian sea fans. It is hard to see a more colourful reef anywhere in the world. When the visibility is good Shark Point is a dream dive for underwater photographers who will want more than one dive here.

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Shark Point owes it’s name to the families of Leopard sharks that live there. They are usually found sleeping on the sandy patches at the edge of the reef in 20 to 25 metres of water. They are happy to stay there as long as divers don’t get too close and scare them away.

There is much more to see at Phuket Shark Point than just sharks though. The variety of marine life will amaze you. Look in every barrel sponge for lionfish and scorpion fish. Look in sea fans for seahorses. Look in rocky cracks for moray eels.

The shallow areas are the most colourful with anemones flowing back and forth in the current. They are home to anemone fish, damsels and anthias all demanding your attention. Sea snakes often hunt in the shallows and we occasionally get lucky and see zebra morays or pairs of harlequin shrimps. Look to the surface and you’ll see barracuda and longtoms.

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