Koh Phi Phi, in Krabi province, is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. It is located in Phang Nga bay, roughly 25 nautical miles East of Phuket Island.

The Jewel of Krabi Province

There are actually two main Phi Phi islands. Koh Phi Phi Don Island is where people live and spend a holiday.  The other main island Koh Phi Phi Lee is  uninhabited  and was made famous by the Hollywood movie “The Beach”. Both islands are stunning jewels on the crown of outstanding exotic destinations in South Thailand.  The emerald clear Andaman sea lapping at the foot of white sandy beaches surrounded by vertical limestone cliffs rising from the bottom of the sea to majestic heights.

The Koh Phi Phi archipelago is also composed of four smaller islands. Koh Yung (Aka Mosquito Island) & Koh Mai Pai (Aka Bamboo Island) which are popular destinations for snorkeling trips. Plus Bidah Nok and Bidah Nai Islands which are famous for the great Scuba Diving Sites.

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Visits to Koh Phi Phi are by twice daily ferry trips to Koh Phi Phi Don where it is also possible to find several accommodations of different types and prices for those who wish to enjoy a stay in paradise for a few days or even weeks.

But not only is Koh Phi Phi celebrated for its unique tropical charm, it is also one of the best destination for scuba diving.

Indeed, the clear warm water surrounding the islands hides in its depths a treasure of vibrant and colorful marine life at several dive sites that will delight divers of all levels of experience.

Scuba Diving in Phi Phi

Scuba Diving from Koh Phi Phi has several advantages. All dive centers are within walking distance from the hotels, guest houses and resorts. The boats go out around 09:00 for a full day of two or three dives. The dive sites are mostly all close by, meaning that divers will be back around 16:00 at the latest and still be able to enjoy all the other activities the island has to offer.

Diving at Koh Phi Phi is simply amazing. The water is always warm at an average of 29 (+) degrees and the visibility is often well over fifteen meters. Some dive sites, such as Koh Bida Nai and Koh Bida NoK have a bio diversity that is not only vibrant, rainbow colored and exotic but is also one of the most abundant in Thailand as determined by the marine biology department of Phuket. Most of the dives are easy drift dives along the coral covered walls that surround and create the islands.

Some of the best dive sites around Koh Phi Phi are the Bidah islands, the walls just outside Maya bay on Phi Phi Lee, Phi Phi Shark Point, Gareng Haeng and Hin Dot.

Phi Phi Diving Sites

Shark Point

Shark Point is named after the leopard sharks that are often encountered there. It is a small rocky outcrop covered with hard coral that shelters an amazing variety of fish. The dive is relatively easy and the maximum depth in the area is eighteen meters.

Bidah Nai & Nok

Bidah Nai and Bidah Nok are simply spectacular dive sites where soft and hard corals are in abundance and where divers can encounter all kind of marine life, including the elusive whale shark. The two small islands are one hundred meters apart and it is possible to dive from one to the other. From Bidah Nok, divers can also find a smaller reef to the South East that is often patrolled by barracudas and rainbow runners. In shallow water, the ghostly black tip sharks are often seen swimming over the coral reefs.

Gareng Haeng

Gareng Haeng is similar to Shark Point although smaller. Here divers have even better chances to dive with leopard sharks. This dive site is famous for the several big schools of fish, such as trevallies and tunas that hunt over a reef that is carpeted with soft and hard coral.

Hin Dot

Hin Dot is the only pinnacle close to Koh Phi Phi. While it is not an easy dive and the maximum depth is around thirty meters, it is a stunning multi level dive where tropical marine life is varied and numerous. Divers can expect to find lion and stone fish, wrasses and parrot fish, damsel fish of all colors and shape and oysters clinging to the craggy wall surface.

Palong Wall

Palong and Turtle Bay, the walls outside Maya bay, made famous by the blockbuster movie The Beach, give divers the opportunity to test their buoyancy as they explore the crevasses and swim throughs. Turtles are often seen here as are blue spotted stingrays and the occasional frog fish and seahorse. One of the highlight of the dive is to surface near the vertical limestone cliffs.

Except for Hin Dot, all the dive sites around Koh Phi Phi have an easy to medium level of difficulty. If there is any current, divers simply carry on with a drift dive and the boat will always be there to pick them up.

Koh Phi Phi is definitely a must for Scuba divers.

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