Jung Ceylon in Patong is a huge mega mall for shopaholic’s, a metropolis of shops hungry to serve the tourists of Phuket and welcoming one and all; Jung Ceylon derived its name from the old Malay name for Phuket.

Jung Ceylon Cinese Junk
Jung Ceylon Chinese Junk

Originally built over ten years ago, progress slowed down due the tsunami of 2004 and money dried up. It finally opened its door in 2006, since Jung Ceylon has blossomed into a shopping centre to rival any other in Thailand; it is by far the biggest mall outside of Bangkok.

Jung Ceylon not only houses a vast array of Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Massage and Beauty Shops, a Five Theatre Cinema, Robinsons Superstore, Big C, Sports Shops and a state of the art Bowling Alley, MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King the list goes on and on.

Jung Ceylon is situated almost directly behind Soi Bangla, you cannot miss it. Four stories high, two huge buildings, it’s ideally located whatever the weather, busy when it’s raining, busy when it’s too hot, great place to cool off, busy at night, busy any time of the day.

You can make a full days visit to Jung Ceylon, it is a world class mall in a small little seaside resort, an amazing accomplishment to be honest, hats off the owners and builders who pull this huge feat off.

There is over 200,000 square metres to go at; it can park in excess of 200 cars, and well over a hundred coaches. There are over 250 shops of local and international ownership.

There are three major hotels operating out of here, which should now give you some idea of its size, all the major banks of Thailand are housed in the basement. Thai arts crafts, all offering international shipping to any destination around the world, beauty massage and hair design and gold shops are represented well too.

There is a must see feature here, the Jung Ceylon Water fountain Show operating several times a day, with lots of seating area in order to watch this spectacle. In between the two main buildings is a huge water lake. You cannot miss it, there is a full size replica of an old Chinese Junk Boat, with a fully operational catwalk attached to it.

Jung Ceylon
Jung Ceylon

The dancing water fountain shows are at regular intervals and it’s all free to watch, normally shows start at 1pm, 3pm, 7pm and the late showing is at 9pm. While watching the show it would be rude not to indulge in a cocktail or large ice cold flagon of Thai beer, one should always get into the spirit of ones surroundings, I believe. When in Rome and all that, what?

Another area is called the Sino-Phuket and it is a world class dining experience, there is international cuisines of most countries you could possibly think of, and of course the Thai food is out of this world. There is a smorgasbord, of bars and restaurants to choose from all with seating outside or with cool air conditioned areas inside too.

The superstore Robinsons is Thailand best known department store and is represented here to the max. Offering all the latest designer goods at very reasonable prices, there are no copies or dodgy goods on offer here. The Big C superstore is a Thai Supermarket where all the top food brand labels can be purchased along with most household items, and they are at excellent prices to.

The SF Cinema experience is another world class attraction showing all the latest blockbusters from Hollywood to Bollywood, probably before they are even shown elsewhere in the world. You can enjoy all the latest movies in the comfort of a sofa, there are premium and deluxe seating areas too, don’t forget the popcorn.

Jung Ceylon Patong
Jung Ceylon Patong

The XD Theatre is a 4D ride, you can choose your destination and the computer will magical transport you there all in 4D, all you need to do is strap yourself in and stick on the glasses and you are away, maybe to the centre of the earth or down a huge canyon who knows what you will choose.

There is the SF Strike Bowl has over 16 lanes of ten pin bowling, there is a snooker area, video games, and of course offer snacks and drinks, it starts at 11am and continues throughout the day, keep the kids quiet for a while.

There is a real life shooting range, with real life guns and real life ammo, oh yes it’s real alright, pricey of course, but it’s all real. There is also a Lazer gun shooting area, this is not so real, but fun all the same.

It really is all here, I could go on but I won’t, just go see for yourself. There is another shopping outside of Patong on the way to Phuket Town called Central Festival this is another huge shopping complex with all the top designers of today offering their wares.

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