Clown Fish at Anemone Reef Phuket Thailand
Clown Fish, Anemone

Anemone Reef Phuket Thailand is a submerged reef located not far from Shark Point and King Cruiser Wreck is similar in character to Shark Point.

You will be amazed at its extensive fields of sea anemones of many different colours. The pinnacle starts just below the surface and drops to over 30 metres deep.

An ideal scuba dive starts at the base of the dive site with divers slowly circling upwards until they reach the top of the reef which is perfect depth for a safety stop.

This is the best place to take underwater photographs as the sunlight in the shallow waters creates a light show on the reef that a Hollywood special effects department would be proud of.

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When the current is stronger scuba divers stay on the sheltered side of the rock. Either way there is enough to please even the most jaded diver on this Phuket dive site.

Harmless leopard sharks can be found in the deeper sandy patches. There are massive schools of smaller fish and some larger pelagic such as tuna and barracuda.

Lion Fish hunt around the sea fans and barrel sponges. Moray eels feed in the current.

There are many species of anemone fish including clown fish that have made their home in the anemones and will swim up at divers provocatively as they defend their territory. Damsels and antheas add to the colour. Seahorses and pipe fish can be found by keen eyed scuba divers.

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