Baan Chinpracha – A Nice Mansion in Phuket. One of the best places that you can visit in Thailand is Phuket. This area in Thailand is one of the most visited because of its wondrous beaches that you can truly call a paradise. On the other hand, enjoying Phuket Tours is one of the best things that you can give yourself because Phuket is not only a nirvana but it is also a place where you will find great scenery and beautiful culture.

If you are planning to visit Phuket with your Phuket Tours, don’t forget to visit the Chinpracha house.

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Chinpracha House Courtyard

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Baan Chinpracha

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What is Baan Chinpracha?

Baan Chinpracha or Chinpracha House is considered as one of the houses of the Sino Portuguese which is known to be a grand and nice mansion. When you visit Phuket, you can observe that almost all the houses are left abandoned or wrecked but Baan Chinpracha is standing firm and completely built in the Old Phuket Town.

Baan Chinpracha was built by Pratipak Chinpracha on 1903. The architecture used in building the house is the Angmor Lounge Style of the old Phuket locals.

If you are looking for some Phuket Sightseeing, Chinpracha House is the place to be. You only have to pay 130 baht and you can freely explore the mansion with great interior.

What to expect at Chinpracha House?

Baan Chinpracha is the place to visit if you want to fully enjoy your Phuket Tours. The mansion is the epitome of history and beauty because it has items that are found a long time ago. You can expect that when you enter the mansion, it will never just be an ordinary house. It is a place where a museum is also incorporated.

1st floor of Chinpracha House

When you enter the first floor of the mansion, you will be able to see Italian tiles that make the flooring astounding. This floor is open for everyone.

2nd floor of Baan Chinpracha

This is the floor intended for the owners and no one is allowed to enter the area.

Even though that the 1st floor is the only available place to visit, you can expect that you will be given a homey yet historical feeling since the mansion has furniture that was bought from Europe a hundred years ago. Also, old photographs are hung on the wall which simply makes it a mini museum.

Chinpracha Family Picture
Chinpracha Family Picture

If you want to visit one of the old houses in the Old Phuket Town which will give you nostalgia, Baan Chinpracha is the best place to be. Your Phuket Tours will never be complete if you don’t give a glimpse on this wonderful home.

Traveling to Thailand is a great experience since you can explore the country and can visit its best places. Not only that, you can get familiar with their culture which will make you get closer with. If you plan to go on Thailand and want to visit Phuket, never missed Chinpracha House where you can tour around the mansion and gain memories that you will definitely never forget.

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